Welcome to the new Parkville Coffee website! We will be making improvements over the coming weeks to make the site even better, and we would love any ideas or suggestions to make your experience easier.  Our goal is for you to be able to find any information you need on our coffee, catering, and coffeehouse all in one place.   We are excited to make staying connected and enjoying Parkville Coffee easier than ever!

Direct Trade

Our roasting co is happy to announce the addition of our new “Direct Trade” line of coffees.  We are partnering with local and national importers who work directly with farms around the world to find beans that are sustainably sourced by farmers receiving fair wages.   Our first direct trade offering, Guatemala Santa Clara, is available now in select stores and will be available online soon!  The coffee is shade grown at 1600-1800m, with a rich and bright flavor with notes of honey and chocolate.

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