Information as of March 7, 2022

Every guideline we have developed has been made with thoughtful consideration and intention. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all, while bringing back our homey atmosphere to enjoy with family and friends over a delicious, hometown roasted cup of coffee and fresh, baked in-house pastry. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding, and most importantly, thank you for your continued support of our small business!


Though we still feel as though this pandemic is far from over, masks are encouraged though not required inside Parkville Coffee.

Changes to expect during your visit to Parkville Coffee:

  • There will be limited seating on the first floor (to allow more ability to social distance while sitting from those waiting in line), while our additional upstairs seating will be at full capacity. Please allow 1st floor seating to individuals, couples, or those with disabilities (unable to use the stairs). Upstairs is great for families and groups.
  • Public Restrooms are now available again!
  • Condiment Bar and Self-serve station is now available again.
  • Use of personal cups and growlers are now accepted again.
  • Phone orders no longer accepted. Please order pick-up online HERE, or order at the counter. (It is too difficult for the staff to provide excellent customer service when orders come from too many sources. To better our attention to our customers, we are going back to eliminating orders taken over the phone. This does not pertain to catering orders or wholesale orders.)
  • We will no longer bring food to your table in the cafe. We now have a buzzer system. You will be assigned a buzzer at the register after placing your order. It will notify you when your order is ready, which you can pickup at our new Food Pick-up station to the right of our pastry case. This station is separate from drink pick-up, in order to help promote safe distancing.

What we are continuing to keep our space safe:

  • All staff will continue to wear PPE.
  • Staff will disinfect high traffic areas and clean cafe hourly.
  • Sanitizer stations will be available to you in the cafe.
  • HEPA air filtration systems installed inside both levels of the cafe.


¬†Thank you! And please direct any questions to [email protected].¬†