Are We Moving?

Parkville Coffee isn’t moving, but our roasters have! In October of 2022 we unlocked the doors to our new facility and we haven’t stopped cleaning, prepping, working on, and ROASTING since! The new space features 1800 square feet of room, and a brand new Diedrich roaster (whom SOME have lovingly named Diedra and some call Dark Helmet, though we haven’t settled on a name yet) to accompany our other 1985 Diedrich roaster. 

How are we using the new space?

Our new space is much larger than the space we housed our sole roasting machine in prior to the new facility opening up. Not only did we acquire a new machine in addition to the older one, but we also gained space for simply moving around and carrying out tasks to roast, package, and fulfill orders. Our old space was about the size of an SUV (we don’t know the actual dimensions, so just envision the space a large car would take up)(Also for those that remember our building being a restaurant before us, the roasting space was previously where the walk-in freezer was housed!) -so you can imagine how working and moving around in that space was very similar to playing Tetris. With all this newfound space and roasting ability, we’ve begun to expand not only our production, but also our retail/wholesale market. Additionally, we now have a more personal space in which we can house cuppings (tasting events), tours, classes, and more events. 

Who works there?

The lead person behind the roasting magic is our one and only Johnny C. He may be humble about his skills, but don’t disparage them. As our full-time roasting magician he works determinedly at conjuring up those aromatic beans you know and love. 

Tucked away in an office in the back of the facility you may find Anika. She’s our Wholesale Rep, and occasional stand-in barista with a fiery passion for coffee, a knack for improv comedy, and some sporadically killer dance moves. 

You can also see our fearless Store Manager Leon wearing many hats and picking up coffee for deliveries (say hi to him if you see him driving around town in our Parkville Coffee van!). And as always, our owner Kristin can also be seen in and out of the space on the daily.

The team works together seamlessly to meet our customers’ needs, and provide continuously improving coffee selections and experiences. 

What does this mean for me as a customer?

As Parkville Coffee continues to grow, we recommend you keep up-to-date with all the new happenings and exciting developments. You don’t want to miss out any updates or reveals that could greatly impact and improve your coffee experience! We have sooo many exciting things coming up. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and don’t forget to leave us a 5-star rating with your review on Google and Yelp if you feel like we’ve done our best! 🙂