We roast Parkville Coffees in the back of our little shop on main street with a classic Diedrich IR-12 drum roaster, built in 1985. The roasting machines built by Diedrich back in the ‘80’s are much different than the ones produced today. For example, our roaster is completely manual giving us control over each variable within the roast: temperature, airflow, time, etc.

Without any automation, we have to use our senses alone to create a roast profile that highlights the best attributes of the beans we are working with. Though sometimes it’s nice to dream of a brand new, shiny roaster with tempting automation, our Head Roaster, Nick, and owner, Kristin, actually prefer to get their hands into the craft of roasting down to the very detail.

All our production is done right in the back of the shop, from roasting to labeling, bagging, and sealing. Just like the uniqueness of our historic building, our roaster also has an entire life of character that helps make our coffees completely unique!