You may have noticed that we launched our Growler program for whole bean coffee a few weeks ago. It has been amazing the response they have gotten from our community!

This is one of the many phases of Parkville Coffee’s initiative to produce less waste, become more eco-friendly, supply fresher coffee, and be more flexible to our customer’s needs.

We have launched a program where you can bring in a container of your choice or purchase one of the three different growlers we have on our retail shelf, and bring it into the shop to be filled with whole bean (or ground, we won’t judge :P) coffee. Because you are saving us money on packaging, we give that back to you by offering the beans at a better price.

Our coffee is roasted fresh every single week in the back of our shop. In addition to that, our Airscape growlers were designed with an air tight plunger that will keep your coffee as fresh as possible.

Our next phase will be coming to the shop soon. Look out in our café for the coffee canisters that will make a home underneath our menu boards to dispense that freshly roasted coffee more efficiently!