Here at Parkville Coffee, we are always trying to come up with new ways that help us become more sustainable. As a company, we are striving to lessen our carbon footprint.

We’ve implemented many different ways to achieve this: Recycling (including glass), selling metal straws, starting our refillable growler program for whole beans, and we even give a discount for bringing in your own reusable cup.

Our newest idea comes in the form of a MUG LIBRARY. On our wall by the community board, there are hooks that provide an assortment of different coffee mugs. If you’re staying in, feel free to grab one off the hooks and bring it to the counter. We will make your drink in it for you to use (we also have a wide array of sizes of ceramic latte mugs behind the counter as well). Then all you need to do is return it when you’re finished. At any time with no hassle, the mugs will be available for you to borrow.

If there’s an opportunity for us to do our part towards sustainability, we’re in.

Let us know if you have any other ideas to help us achieve this further: [email protected]