UPDATE 07.06.2020

Parkville Coffee is continuing to do “at-door-pickup”, and has no plans to reopen our inside space at this time. We will continue to consult the WHO, the CDC, and Platte County Health Dept concerning our current covid-19 risks. All other Safety procedures remain the same as below.

Our hours have extended to:

Mon-Fri 6am-6pm

Sat-Sun 7am-6pm.

Thank you for the continued support during this time, and always!



Parkville Coffee will re-open on Sat, May 09, 2020. We will hold limited hours, 7am-2pm unless a need for extended hours arises.

1. Parkville Coffee will adhere to the physical distancing requirements provided by the Platte County Health Department. Our plan set in place for reopening is based upon the efforts of limiting contact as much as possible, while still being able to serve our customers.

a. We will implement an “At-Door-Pickup” policy. All orders will be picked up at a station directly outside our door. The station will be a table with a plexiglass sneeze guard between staff and customers.
b. No customers will be permitted inside during this time. No public restroom will be available.
c. Customers will be encouraged to place orders ahead of time, through our online ordering system at: www.parkvillecoffeemo.com or by phone at: 816-216-6560. If ordering in person is necessary, we will have the capability to take your order and payment at the door, but prefer payment done ahead of time.
d. We will mark spaces on the brick outside 6-feet apart for customers to observe the social distancing rules outside our establishment.
e. We will never have more than 10 employees inside our building at one time. We plan to have a staff of 4 employees per shift. Employees will practice the 6-feet rule of social distancing inside to the best of our abilities, staying at our deployed stations.

2. All employees will be required to take and record their temperature at the beginning of each shift. Anyone that is feeling unwell or exhibits a temperature of over 100.4 degrees will not be permitted to work.

3. If any employees were knowingly exposed to COVID-19 or test positive, our establishment must close for two weeks before reevaluating if a reopen is possible.

a. We run on a very small staff. If anyone on our staff is affected, the entire staff must adhere to quarantine guidelines.
b. We will notify all customers by social media, our website (www.parkvillecoffee.com), and a posting on our door of possible exposure.
c. Since no customers are permitted inside our establishment, we will not track customer information.

4. Parkville Coffee Staff will perform cleaning and sanitization of all food and non-food contact surfaces every hour, marked with a timer.

a. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is required for all staff in the form of masks and gloves.
b. Gloves will be changed every transaction.
c. Our payment terminal will be sanitized after every transaction.

5. Self-service for any beverages is prohibited and will not be provided.

a. We are happy to make your beverage the way you like it. Please let us know what condiments you’d like in your beverage at the time you place the order.
b. Prepackaged straws, stir sticks, cup stoppers, utensils, napkins, etc. will be provided for you at request (not for self-serve).

Rev. 05/02/2020